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I’ve been shooting off flares all week,

In hopes you’d find your way back to me.

Because it seems like we’re oceans apart,

Each day in exile continues to ravage my heart.

Memories of us when life felt perfect,

Haunt me like nightmares as I reflect,

On where things could have gone wrong,

When only weeks before we were humming along,

To a love song with the lights turned down low,

And your smile was the only thing making the room glow.

Now I lay restless in a pathetic drunken gloom,

Wishing I could be anywhere but alone in this room.

Yeah I know this road leads no where
But I cant help myself from hangin on
Yeah the medication daily is a ritual
It numbs so I’ll keep hanging on
This road leads no where, and
I cant help but wonder
Whats waiting on the other side
If it found the path
The path to a luminous life…