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I’m fairly confident that my heart is in fact an idiot.

My friends tell me to follow it, that it won’t lead me astray,

But boy would I beg to differ; my heart is a drunkard,

And if I heed its word one more time I may never recover.

The last time I succumbed to its siren song,

I wound up drinking malbec wine in a Mexican restaurant at noon.

Not to say the food wasn’t good, but when you play, Volver, Volver

A half dozen times on the barely functioning jukebox,

as you savor the last drops of glass number four,

it’s safe to say you’ve reached the lowest of lows.

At least from there I had nowhere else to go,

but up… until my heart had something else to say.

I laugh now, that you one day claimed

Your love to resemble a house cat

In such a charming manner that

I thought it meant you aimed

To earn affection from those

You deem adequate and true

Knights preferred over fools.

Yet you, toss men as you do clothes.

With skin soft as the finest fiber

Scrutinized first by Aphrodite

Before laying over lightly

Stretched gently, caressed alluring curves.

And eyes of piercing saphire

Plunge like white-hot daggers

Bursting crimson; you prefer

Seductive slaughter over satire

You lure prey through eyes

Humanity’s great weakness;

The gaze of an enchantress.

No one the wiser, a perfect guise.

Your love is indeed that of a cat:

Trust no one, never forget

‘Lest conditions are met.

You live on, gratis, no one’s pet.