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On my lunch at work right now and this song came up on my playlist. I decided to post it because It’s an extremely special song for me as it has helped me get over the single greatest heart break I have faced that didn’t include a death in the family… I don’t want to explain for fear of a relapse, but just listen to the song and feel the words flow through your soul.

It took me hours to get home tonight
every moment your name riddled my mind
Hopeless thoughts at the speed of light
Grasping to the only memories I can
Prolonging my suffering till I pretend
That I will be alright, I will live
Without you in my mind
I’ll drive

Light up another broken promise tonight
An excuse to stay behind enemy lines
Halfway through the pack of my displeasure
Play the next track, it’s feeling better
Take another drag, let the flow work my soul
As I melt into the rhythm, my only antidote
The drug that knows no overdose
But a beat to keep my own
It Drives me

To the limit, it drives me, to the end
When I can pretend, that none of this hurts
And how it never hurt you; but can you feel it?
The pulse of my heart is weak, can you feel it?
My playlist is running low, and I need you
To grace me with your 80’s hits, your old school tricks
Dance with me before you leave with your last line
Before I see your green eyes for the last time.
Sing your song and smile and if it feels right…
end this sorrow tonight.