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I saw you for the first time in nearly a year,

It was bittersweet, as most moments

Have been since the clock struck midnight,

Sealing the fate of the world indefinitely.

I couldn’t see your smile, but your eyes

Sparked a fire in my heart as of old.

Your warmth from six feet away,

Could set ablaze even the iciest soul.

It took everything in me to not close the gap,

to be the irresponsible one for once.

For so long I hid behind that veil of virtue,

Because I was terrified,

Of what might lay beyond the truth.

And yet here we are, in limbo,

Waiting for the sirens to die down,

And the world to speed up again.

For something…

If it must hurt, let it be quick.

And if it finds our hearts entwined,

let us not waste a moment.

Yet here we are, six feet apart,

So close to the answers,

Yet insufferably far.

Regarding faith, I am not one to pass judgment on others in life, especially when it comes to religion. Religion is not something I actively take part in as a member, but I do take lessons from all religion (attempt to at least) and try to apply them to my own life as a lot of the values appreciated in Christianity and Catholicism, even eastern religion, falls into line with what I consider morally just. I simply find it more pleasing to explore the boundaries of life and what it means to me. Limiting myself to a certain set of guidelines, in my opinion at least, takes away from what I can learn from my time here on earth. The good and the bad, I find both necessary to explore. Not to enforce, but to understand. I
I do however, feel a sense of a higher power in my life. Whether it is the Christian God, or the Greek Gods,  Karma, or my own God (Good Orderly Direction. The term came up in a writer’s workshop book and it stuck) I feel some presence. I can’t claim faith in any religion, but I do understand the necessity of their structure in our lives. I think even if Heaven and God, or Zeus and his clan etc. are all myths, they still provide a great structure for people to live by and allows them to live peacefully in a society that is working towards a universal goal. Which is usually eternal life after death (Death, being a major conundrum for humans in general). What I mean is it seems that they all attempt to deal with the difficulties of death for us, so that we can more easily focus on living virtuous lives without excess, or worry of what will happen to us posthumously. With faith, comes answers. Something humans have been craving for thousands of years.
And I do believe it has helped me through inclement weather, faith, in whatever presence I feel. I believe that having faith, in any respect, is something the human race needs. Be it in a God, or yourself. Otherwise we are simply bags of protoplasm waiting to go 6-feet under, or to leave a lasting impression on humanity for our own vanity. Both may lead down self-destructive paths. After-all, you’d be hard pressed to select a great influential figure in the history of intelligent human existence if they had no faith in themselves or some other higher power. 
Just my two-cents on faith, and what it means to me.