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It was one of those nights you only dream about,

A scene in a movie you’d go a lifetime without.

Where everything was better than it had been in years,

With your eyes gleaming golden and music in my ears.

Yet somehow we fell apart in the days that followed,

You cut me off and handed me a bitter pill to swallow

And now I’m banging my heart against a wall,

It’s bruised and bleeding but I use it like a bouncy ball.

Because I don’t know how to stop running after you,

Even when my reflection in the mirror is black and blue,

I’ve been shooting off flares all week,

In hopes you’d find your way back to me.

Because it seems like we’re oceans apart,

Each day in exile continues to ravage my heart.

Memories of us when life felt perfect,

Haunt me like nightmares as I reflect,

On where things could have gone wrong,

When only weeks before we were humming along,

To a love song with the lights turned down low,

And your smile was the only thing making the room glow.

Now I lay restless in a pathetic drunken gloom,

Wishing I could be anywhere but alone in this room.

Again, these dreams they haunt me

This familiar sense of being led astray;
urging the one you love to love another.
Just digging the knife deeper
to an everlasting slumber.

Wake up, cold sweat, I wonder…
If it you I’m laying with?
Oh no, looks like that herb has
Given me more than just a kick.

Now let’s get down to business,
I’ll be your witness
Close the blinds, turn on the lights.
our fans are waiting for us
To continue this fight

Now it’s two men down,
One more to go;
In this game you love to play.
The game of never give
And always take.

Yeah It’s the bottom of the 9th girl.
And we are out of options.
You have everything to lose.
For me all I had was you.

Now there’s nothing where
A fire burned before.
Just the ashes of a letter
With the signature forged.

Give it your best shot,
And don’t aim for my heart heart.
I guarantee you wouldn’t come close
It was never there from the start.

I learned to let it go when
All it did was take your side.
It couldn’t prove its worth
When you left me to die.

Though don’t think I’m stalling,
I’m braced and ready.
After all this is not a solo show,
But a game played by many.

Still if it makes you happy
I will take the fall.
So you can go pro
And home I will crawl.