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When the gusts of Winter left our teeth to chatter
A friend revived us with the warmth of laughter.
When all else failed and oblivion reared its head
A friend’s devotion kept our spirits high instead.
When life’s terrain grew too rough to traverse
A friend was always there, for better or for worse…

Originally written for a good friend, I share this piece with the world.

Trust No One-

Trust No One

Verse 1:

The more that I live the more i have given the more that i see no one really gives like me the more friends i get the more friends i loose the more that i give the more that i get used


If you don’t ever wanna get hurt if you don’t ever wanna be let down if you don’t ever wanna feel stupid trust no one, trust no one

Verse 2:

You may surround yourself with people who are good but people never stay good like they should they might be the one your loving they might be your favorite cousin they might be your best friend and say they’ll be there to the end but the more that i live the more that i know the more that i see the more that it shows


If you don’t ever wanna get hurt if you don’t ever wanna fall in love if you don’t ever wanna live fully trust no one, trust no one

Verse 3:

The more that i live the more that i cry the more that i know everybody lies the more they let me down the more i wish i didn’t keep them around


cuz I’m really getting tired of getting hurt and i really don’t like to be let down but you don’t really wanna be like me i trust no one, trust no one I trust no one, I trust no one


Im not telling you to hold back in fact you should give everything your all I’m just warning you to watch your back cuz people would love to see you fall

Verse 4:

if all your friends have turned all shady and mistrust has got you crazy know theres one above who holds all the love and he trusts you to pull through when there is no one left to trust trust yourself be your own help trust no one trust no one cuz people they’re only human its simple trust no one, trust no one

It’s been so long since I’ve talked to her

The “old” her

Before my mind over-emphasized her grandeur

Before my self-destructive tendencies

Broke my heart in two cities

Half fled, with her, half stayed behind

Reluctant to commit at any point in time

Itself to the trials of deferring love or lust

for a tender heart, swept north in a gust

a primordial wind whose current lay ancient

with whispers of the Renaissance and darkest of ages,

with conflicting wisdom, not to be believed,

by anyone, but the naive: Me.

 Then life became a bore without her,

without her in my hopeless arms.

I pressured and I endured

With fables of love, and the way “I LOVED HER!”

All simply a veil, over childhood insecurities

As if she were the light, and I, frightened by night

Feared the dusk when she leaves.

Keyword: “was”.

This was my Love performed by Frank Sinatra

Soft as a raindrop, fresh as the sea
Warm as the sunshine shining on me
This was my love, this was my love

Light was her laughter, few were her tears
Gentle her beauty, tender her years
This was my love, this was my love

So young, so fair, such bright golden hair
A smile always on her face
No other love can ever compare
No other can take her place

Others may cherish fortune or fame
I will forever cherish her name
For this was my love
This was my love!

My heart knows not days, weeks, months or years.

It knows not the sub-zero Winter or the gale winds of Fall.

It knows not the pleasantry brought by another’s call.

It knows not the twilight before the darkness of night.

Nor the Rooster’s cry when sensed the sun’s faintest light.

It only knows of the warmth her porcelain skin emanates.

It only knows of the swift step in her royal gait.

It only knows of the smile that shatters inhibitions.

And of Cupid’s arrow, flying true to its mission;

urging miles traversed, only love could coerce.

All conscious moments lay still in a last embrace.

The scent of her hair, the glow in her eyes,

For nothing since has given reason to rise.


Am I a fool to dream of normality? Do I wake up every day lurking toward formalities?  Just to say what I  never mean; the dean of all things screened. This thing wrings dry dreams. As long as you scream they tear at your seams until the cries die and the tempest collides…  Leaving a war torn path forcing cads to a toaster-bath, aside their suit and stash, powdered nose; I can’t, Let the passenger inside take the lantern in stride or face judgment in HIS eyes; a coward’s demise.


The demon stowed amidst angel wings,

Flaunts an unaffected gait, treading o’er embers of her kings.

Her smile, a fallacy of warmth. Her kiss, a hollow oath.

Though she speaks of a sage, a martyrdom she sculpts;

Feigning love and desire, yet in her own heart, never raged a fire.

Always of lust, never of love.  Passion for, “None of the above”.

None grand as the blaze which I’ve stoked to life in my own.

And none grand as the infernos doused by her rein of preconceived notions…

SHE  is a temptress with an angelic guise; the inevitable fall from emerald eyes.