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Let me fall in love, deep, into the stars which are her eyes

Where she ensnares my wandering heart as azure currents

Describe a vibrant path toward lustful insurgence.

Unleash the delicate, aromatic kiss of Aphrodite’s sigh.


Of wine and myrrh, pungent and sweet, inebriates and invades!

The soul of the damned and even the Gods’ holiest angel

She will rapt either, with a tender smile and limp wrist dangled

In her majestic strut, closing  in on helpless prey!


I say, let me be helpless! Let her come softly

Or pounce as I gaze, in frightened amazement!

Let her tear into my chest, find a most torturous lament

Silence its negating pall! Let life swim through my veins, swiftly.